About our Partnerships

WorcLab partners with local and multinational corporations that are committed to making Worcester a hub for innovation in the North East. Think Boston, but with a small town vibe and more affordable.

Collaboration between our members and corporate partners takes many forms, from providing the resources they need to thrive, to investments and more.


Sponsors and Ecosystem Collaborators


Want to work with us?

Our partners advance their innovation goals and grow their engagement in the local community by engaging with the WorcLab community. They play a big role in making Worcester, Massachusetts a hot bed for innovation.

Located in an Economic Opportunity Zone, partners collaborate with WorcLab community in both big and small ways. They invest in our member startups, provide the resources our members need to innovate, pilot technologies, share ideas and become mentors. With their expertise and connections they help lower the bar to entry and reduce tech-to-market lead times. They are critical to the WorcLab community.

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